Darrell J. Pedersen

Precious cargo is on it’s way!

I can see the stagecoach coming.  Horses prancing.  Dust flying.  Driver and shotgun rider seated up topside.  It’s the Roy Rogers Stagecoach of my childhood.  It’s carrying precious cargo.  I’ve been waiting for this shipment for weeks.  Hopefully the bandits won’t try to grab it. . .  This was the scenario when I was 7, playing on the living room braided rug.  But now I am 70 and still eagerly awaiting a precious cargo.  My first book, Campfire in the Basement – Reflections from a North Woods Lake, will be arriving any day now.  When it comes, Jennifer and I will be shipping out all the books that have been preordered and whatever orders follow.  Thanks for taking a look at my website:  darrelljpedersen.com.   And watch out for those outlaws!

I still have my Roy Rogers Stagecoach and toy cap guns from my childhood.

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