Darrell J. Pedersen


On the road again.  Growing up 35 miles northwest of Duluth, 5 miles out of our tiny township seat, Alborn, I am accustomed to having to travel lots of miles to get “anywhere.”  For the first several years of my life, it was a ride from parents.  By elementary school, it was my two-wheeler, used, girls’ bike, inherited from my older sister. Ooga horn attached to the handle bars, that bike got me to the mail box one mile away, to the Eagle’s Club for swimming, to the dump for salvaging bottles for the 5 cent deposit, to Little League games, etc. When I was tall enough, I started to ride my older brother’s boys’ bike, sometimes accompanied by a Varoom engine for sound effects.  Today, I have my own 2010 Honda Civic, hybrid, that gets close to 40 miles to the gallon of gas.  That little car is taking me on the road again these days.  Thanks to a grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board, I will be making several trips around Central Minnesota and up into the Arrowhead region promoting my Campfire in the Basement – Reflections from a North Woods Lake.  If you know of a festival/arts gathering/community event/library or book group where I might be able to pitch my tent and sell my book, please let me know.  I am excited about traveling those north woods back roads, meeting some old friends, tons of new friends, and sharing lots of good stories. 


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